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Welcome to Wrapmaster

Wrapmaster catering dispensers come in a variety of sizes to suit any professional kitchen and add benefits to caterers and chefs working lives. The Wrapmaster range is easy to wipe down and clean making it hygienic to use. Every model has a concealed blade making it safe to use and providing the perfect cut every time. Wrapmaster catering dispensers are also proven to reduce wastage and increase productivity saving valuable time and money.

Product Range

The award winning Wrapmaster range of catering dispensers provide effortless dispensing of catering cling film, aluminium foil, non-stick foil and baking parchment with a perfect cut every time.

Catering Foil - Wrapmaster Duo


The Duo is a 45cm catering dispenser for larger kitchens using high volumes of film, foil and baking parchment. The Duo can dispense two types of material or be used for large volumes of one material.

Catering Cling Film - Wrapmaster 4500


The 4500 is a 45cm catering dispenser and the perfect choice for large kitchens using high volumes of catering cling film, foil or baking parchment.

Aluminium Foil Dispenser - Wrapmaster 3000


The 3000 is a 30cm catering dispenser for smaller kitchens, taking up less space than the 4500. Perfect for kitchens with limited work spaces that use high volumes of film, foil and baking parchment.

Baking Parchment - Wrapmaster Compact


The Compact is a 30cm catering dispenser that takes up the same space as a traditional cutter box. It's the perfect choice for kitchens with limited space.

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Latest News & Videos

Read up on the latest news and take a look at our most recent videos, demonstrating how Wrapmaster catering dispensers can help your professional kitchen.

“Since I got my Wrapmaster I don’t remember when I last changed the cling film! As for the aluminium foil, we’ve had at least a 45% saving in waste, if you consider all the damaged foil you normally throw in the bin. Wrapmaster is a definite yes for me.”

Alexandros Diamantis - Chef, Milestone Hotel Kensington