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Cling Film Refills - Double award winners at FPA!

Double award winners at FPA!

11th March 2014

Wrap Film Systems are double award winners at the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA).

Wrap Film Systems has picked up two prestigious awards taking the title of ‘Manufacturer Award 2014’ and continuing their successful night when they were awarded ‘Product Innovation Award 2014’ at the annual food packaging association awards.

The prestigious ‘Manufacturer Award for 2014’ was awarded to Wrap Film after they were voted unanimous winners by their peers, the industry’s leading food packaging distributors.

The Product Innovation Award 2014 was awarded to Wrap Film for their Lined Parchment paper.

Wrap Film Systems Foil Lined Parchment is a combination of foil on one side for insulation and even heating with non-stick baking parchment on the other working together to prevent your food against sticking on the other. It is great for steamed meal parcels, retaining moisture in roasts and moulding to the shape of traybakes and cake pans.

Adrian Brown, Managing Director of Wrap Film Systems said: “We are delighted that our products have once again won an award at the FPA Awards for product innovation.  It is one of the aspects we, at Wrap Film, pride ourselves on as we continue to develop and better our products for the consumer.

It is fantastic to be awarded the manufacturing award and receive this recognition from the FPA Distributors.”

Martin Kersh from the Food Packaging Association said:  “All the judges met together and were unanimous in deciding the top three finalists in this award. Wrap Film won because they truly felt this was a genuine innovation i.e. an invention which will gain a foothold not only in kitchen but among consumers.  The other two in the top three were absolutely excellent as well. So this was quite a tough decision.”