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Baking Parchment - Baking paper moves to unbleached

Baking paper moves to unbleached

1st July 2015

As of summer 2015, Wrap Film Systems will be changing from bleached Baking Paper to Unbleached Baking Paper.

We conducted some extensive research into baking paper and it was identified that, alongside the many consumer preferences from unbleached to bleached, there were also many positives for the move, especially on an environmental front.

Unbleached baking paper has a much healthier carbon footprint, as it uses far less energy to manufacture and is produced in a 100% natural process, which out the addition of chemicals.

The paper itself is highly durable and suitable for low and high temperatures.

Facts about unbleached paper:

  • Produced only from natural raw materials
  • Approved for food content
  • Heat resistant – can be used in both conventional ovens and microwaves (up to 220 degrees)
  • Can be used in freezer and refrigerator
  • Excellent non-stick qualities (the silicon also prevents the paper from burning)
  • Good release properties
  • No grease or oil has to be added
  • Reduces the amount of washing up and cleaning
  • Paper does not contain any fluorinated chemicals