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Cofresco expands core business thanks to acquisition in UK

30th September 2015

Minden, 30 September 2015. Cofresco

Frischhalteprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, a company of Melitta Group, has taken over Wrap Film Holdings Ltd as of the 1st October 2015, thus augmenting its core business. Its long-term focus is on strengthening its competitive position in Europe.

With this acquisition, Cofresco is expanding its market-leading position in the area of aluminium foil and cling film for brand-name and private-label products in the British market. With its operating subsidiary Wrap Film Systems Ltd., the acquired company is itself also a market leader in films for the food-service business for companies from the catering and gastronomy sectors.

Wrap Film and its Bacofoil®, Wrapmaster® and Caterwrap® brands are to be transferred in full to Cofresco. All 300 employees at the Telford site west of Birmingham will be kept on as well.

“This acquisition is being carried out with a view to the strategic target of our Melitta 2020 programme of focusing more on our core business areas. The freshness & flavour business field is an important contributor to the success of Melitta Group and with the acquisition of Wrap Film Systems Ltd. it can now be expanded internationally,” explains Volker Stühmeier, Member of Melitta Management Board.

“We see the acquisition as a key component for growth and our long-term perspective within the scope of our corporate strategy aimed at augmenting our market position internationally. We are already greatly looking forward to working together with the new team and warmly welcome Wrap Film to our portfolio of dynamic brands,” adds Pieter van Halewijn, Managing Director of Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte.

“GCP are glad to have helped Management and Wrap Film to develop and grow, but recognise that they need to be part of a strong professional international Group such as Melitta to move on to the next stage of growth and development”, Garrett Curran, GCP

“Having doubled sales since the MBO in 2007 to now being part of a strong privately owned international group like Melitta, will provide Wrap Film with greater expertise and investment to help us generate further growth over the next few years.”, Adrian Brown, CEO of Wrap Film Systems Ltd.

Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte Europa

Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte Europa is a Melitta Group company and is Europe’s leading producer of brand-name products in the area of household films and papers. A business unit with a long history, it is represented in all European countries with its Toppits®, handy bag®, Albal®, Glad® and Primapack® brands. Cofresco offers a range of products for keeping foodstuffs fresh, preparing and freezing food, for storage in the home and garden and for disposing of garbage.

Melitta Group

As an internationally operating group of companies, Melitta is a well-known name among family-run companies in Germany and abroad.

Its key areas of business are the development, manufacture and sale of brand-name products for coffee consumption, storage and preparation of food stuffs, and household cleaning.