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The Benefits are Clear as 1,2,3 – Wrapmaster Comes to LACA Main Event (Stand P48)

2nd July 2019

Wrapmaster will be on hand at LACA: The Main Event (Stand P48) to show visitors that food safety and sustainability can be as easy as 1,2,3!

Across the country, the award-winning cling film, foil and baking parchment dispenser has been helping schools, LEAs and County Councils boost their health and safety, as well as minimise cardboard waste thanks to its innovative design.

The AAA grade Craft Guild of Chefs endorsed range includes the new Wrapmaster 3000 (FPA Innovation Award 2019 winner) just 30cm long and holding up to 50m of material to keep stations clean and uncluttered. Built with health and safety in mind, Wrapmaster is earning itself top marks from school caterers due to its concealed blades for safe, speedy cutting and wipeable, dishwasher safe casing that keeps cross-contamination at bay.

Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Cofresco Foodservice said:
“The team are excited to be returning to LACA: The Main Event. In the last 12 months we have been working with schools all over the UK to maintain the highest standards of pupil welfare and keep catering teams safe. Wrapmaster is designed for professional kitchens and all the challenges that come with it – efficiency, safety and sustainability. We are looking forward to sharing our experience and helping others discover the benefits of Wrapmaster this July.”

As well as helping school kitchens earn that all important tick from the Environmental Health Officer, Wrapmaster is also supporting LEAs in their commitment to reduce waste and operate sustainably.

Versus traditional cutter boxes, the professional dispensers instantly reduce the volume of cardboard brought into the kitchen and Wrapmaster’s easy cutting system means more material is used for prepping, cooking and protecting food than going into the bin.

Adrian adds:
“New users to Wrapmaster notice a cost saving of up to 20%, using and buying less refill rolls in the long run. We’re committed to supporting the sustainability efforts of the education market every step of the way. Through minimum packaging, reducing unnecessary waste with functional high quality equipment and introducing greener solutions, such as our Sustainable 26% Plant-based Cling Film.”

Wrapmaster will be on stand P48 in the Palace Suite.

Wrapmaster is part of Cofresco Foodservice, a division of Melitta UK Ltd. The award-winning range includes the new Wrapmaster 3000, Wrapmaster 4500, the Wrapmaster Duo which dispenses two types of material, or can be used for large volume users of one material and the Wrapmaster Compact.