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The Cleaning Collective Recommends Wrapmaster

28th January 2020

Review of the Wrapmaster 4500 Dispenser

The Wrapmaster 4500 is a 45cm catering dispenser used for storing and cutting cling film, parchment paper and catering foil. The Wrapmaster range includes a few different options: Wrapmaster 3000, which is a smaller 30cm model, Wrapmaster Duo – designed to dispense two materials simultaneously and Wrapmaster Compact which is for kitchens with limited space. Wrapmaster also supply the specific refills of cling film, foil and parchment paper that lock into the system. The Wrapmaster range is aimed at commercial kitchens that use high volumes of catering wrap such as cling film.

We tested the Wrapmaster for how easy it was to use and how well it works, among other factors such as cleaning, time saving and safety.

Ease of use:

In a nutshell, Wrapmaster is super easy to use. The lid is removed by releasing the two locks on the front, you can then easily lock in a Wrapmaster refill of either cling film, foil or parchment paper (Top tip – there is also a Duo model if you want to be able to use two different materials in the same Wrapmaster). Once you’ve checked that it’s locked in properly simply pop the lid back on and relock the front locks. There’s also a main locking mechanism to keep the lid down – keeping out germs and keeping your wrapping materials tidy – no more unravelling or getting ripped.

How well it works:

Once you have the Wrapmaster set up and you are ready to wrap something, let’s say covering a container, simply place the container in front of the Wrapmaster, open the lid and pull out the cling film as far as you need to cover the container and press down with both hands on the lid to cut off the perfect sized piece of wrap. Your cling film can now be easily moulded around the container to form a seal with just the right amount of material – no waste!
Wrapmaster’s hidden blade works great and delivers a smooth cut with just one press. We tried it on all the recommended items in the Wrapmaster range – their cling film, parchment paper and foil and each one works as good as the rest.

Bonus points:

Saves waste – We found that the Wrapmaster system really was fool proof. We tested the Wrapmaster intensively for a few days and then left it in the busy office kitchen. With traditional box cutters, it is so easy to waste cling film by cutting it off too long or ripping off an unusable section. Wrapmaster solved this problem for us as it makes it easy to cut off exactly how much you need in a clean, straight line. Everyone who tried Wrapmaster found it easy to get the right amount first time.

Easy to clean – Wrapmaster can be wiped down regularly to keep it hygienic throughout the day and Wrapmaster also comes apart so that it can be put in the dishwasher and fully sanitised. We were impressed by how easy it to take apart, although you would need a commercial dishwasher to be able to fit it in.

Saves time – The time spent wrestling unwieldy cling film and an awkward box cutter was significantly reduced when we started using Wrapmaster. No more finding the end of the cling film or foil or struggling with rips where you don’t want and cling film sticking in on itself. The easy to use system simply rolls out and with one press of the lid you have a perfect cut to tuck underneath your dish or wrap round your food.

Safety – the concealed blade means that you no longer have to worry about the serrated edges of boxes causing injuries. A great advantage in a busy commercial kitchen where you and your staff are working to be as efficient as possible.

Any down sides?

We couldn’t find any. If you’re already using cling film, foil or parchment paper in your catering business, you could cut down how much you need to use and save time by getting yourself a Wrapmaster! Overall, we think the Wrapmaster 4500 is the perfect addition to your commercial kitchen.

This review was written by Jess Bray of The Cleaning Collective, an online one-stop-shop for commercial and domestic cleaning products and catering equipment.