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Wrapmaster’s Sustainable Collection Set to Transform Professional Kitchens

5th July 2021

As market leaders it has long been the desire of Cofresco Foodservice, brand owners of Wrapmaster, to support sustainability and recyclability in professional kitchens.

Wrapmaster’s current range of sustainable products and future innovations form the core of the brand’s 100% circular mission. This sustainable range is essential for any kitchen looking for products that will allow them to work in more eco-conscious ways.

The Sustainable Collection comprises of Flexsil-Lid by Wrapmaster – re-usable silicone lids to cut back on food waste, Recyclable PE Cling Film, PE Cling Film made from recycled resources, Chemically Recycled PE Cling Film, Compostable Cling Film and Baking Parchment. Currently available are Recyclable PE Cling Film, Flexsil-Lid by Wrapmaster and Baking Parchment with other future innovations set to be released soon.

Wrapmaster, is continually looking to ensure that its product range is fit for the future. They have a dedicated NPD team based in Germany and in the UK working on sustainable and recyclable products and alternatives. By 2025 their aim is for all their products to be 100% circular. This means that they will only use recycled or renewable materials in the production process, and all their products will be recyclable or compostable after use, the prerequisite is the necessary technologies being available to them.

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