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New Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film

New Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film

18th April 2023

A simple switch to help chefs with their sustainability journey.

Wrapmaster® – the ultimate chef wrap system – has expanded its sustainable collection with an all-new Compostable Cling Film.

With no compromise on quality, Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film gives chefs an excellent general-purpose wrap that’s biodegradable in home or industrial composting environments.

The latest addition to the Wrapmaster® Sustainable Collection can be disposed of in a food waste composter with food and other organic materials, composted in a home composting environment or collected for industrial composting^, making it easy for operators to incorporate into their disposal processes.

Made from biodegradable and compostable polymers which break down in composting environments, Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film is also PLA free and not made from any food crop or vegetable sources. It’s better for the environment too, as it doesn’t contain Plasticizer, BPA, Phthalates or PVC.

Speaking about the latest launch, Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Cofresco Foodservice said:
“Cling film is a necessity in every kitchen and chefs need sustainable alternatives that work. Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film does just this, allowing the industry to compost and not compromise on their equipment. Whether you choose to compost, or recycle with our Recyclable PE Cling Film, used alongside a Wrapmaster® ultimate chef wrap system it’s never been easier to reduce your kitchen’s impact on the environment.”

Developed for all professional kitchens, Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film can be used for covering and wrapping all types of food, including those with a high fat content. It is also safe to use in the fridge and freezer*, making it the simple switch for chefs to protect food, preserve flavour and reduce food waste.

Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film is certified OK compost HOME (S2645) and OK compost INDUSTRIAL (S2645) by TÜV AUSTRIA – one of the leading certification and inspection organisations.

Available now and for use with the Wrapmaster® 4500 and Wrapmaster® Duo systems, Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film Refill comes in a 45cm x 200m x 6 case and a single consumer refill unit of 45cm x 200m x 1.

^Do not dispose of Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film in plastic recycling facilities *Cannot be used in a traditional or microwave oven.