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Aluminium Packaging Hits Impressive 68% Recycling Rate

Aluminium Packaging Hits Impressive 68% Recycling Rate

17th June 2024

At Wrapmaster®, we are committed to supporting chefs and foodservice operators in their sustainability and recycling journey in professional kitchens. We are proud of our innovative developments with our compostable and recyclable wraps including recyclable aluminium foil. Our recyclable alternatives are excellent professional-grade wraps that protect food, preserve flavour, and help reduce waste.

As part of our circular mission, we are members of ALUPRO (The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation) who we work closely with, to help the industry meet and exceed aluminium recycling targets.

Alupro recently announced that new data published on the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD) by the Environment Agency* has revealed that the UK’s aluminium packaging recycling rate hit an impressive 68% in 2023. A record-breaking 162,357 tonnes was recycled nationwide, including more than four in five beverage cans (81%).

Foodservice is committed to improving sustainability, but we’ve all been doing our bit. Packaging collected through curbside, bring (designated drop-off services – containers, recycling banks or dumps) and on-the-go systems also increased from 2022 figures, by up 13%. Elsewhere, tonnage recovered from incinerator bottom ash increased by 17% from the previous year. Campaigns like Every Can Counts, an initiative aimed at driving drink can recycling, worked hard over the past year to engage with consumers across the UK and Ireland to inspire further progress when it comes to recycling, both at home and on the go.

Alupro report that heavy investment over the past 20 years, aimed towards optimising recycling infrastructure, has helped contribute to the robust systems now in place. These systems have made recycling easier and encouragingly helped foodservice operators, chefs and caterers work towards their own sustainability goals too. With research highlighting that recycling, reducing food waste and sustainable packaging were listed as top priorities, the latest NPWD results are encouraging for the future.+

To support operators, Wrapmaster®’s Aluminium Foil is a premium foodservice foil capable of meeting the demands of any professional kitchen. Incredibly versatile and suitable for lining, grilling, roasting or covering foods, Wrapmaster® Aluminium Foil is strong and durable. It’s also 100% recyclable, giving chefs who use it a simple way to help their kitchen meet its sustainability goals. When paired with a Wrapmaster® dispenser, chefs and foodservice operators can make a further impact in the kitchen, by reducing their aluminium foil waste, all whilst keeping food fresher for longer. The award-winning dispensers, named the Ultimate Chef Wrap System, and AAA-endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs expertly cut wrap in a simple pull-cut motion, improving productivity in the kitchen, and helping users make a 20% material saving.^.

The Wrapmaster® range includes the Wrapmaster® 3000, Wrapmaster® 4500, and Wrapmaster® Duo which dispenses two types of material or can be used for large volume users of one material, as well as the Wrapmaster® Compact.

To learn more about Wrapmaster®’s range of aluminium products developed for foodservice operators, click here.

* Data sourced from the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD).
+Sustainability Matters: What Consumers want and how brands can win, Nutritics & CGA by NIQ, found on www.nutritics.com/en/blog/sustainability-is-key-to-attracting-and-retaining-hospitality-staff/, 3rd May 2024
^Restaurant 3-week trial, 20% less cling film, 25% less foil and 25% less baking parchment vs cardboard cutter box.