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Wrapmaster®’s Compostable Cling Film makes showstopping ‘Tech Book Dress’

26th June 2024

Visitors to this year’s We Invented the Weekend festival are wowed with a dress made entirely from Wrapmaster® compostable cling film, conveying an important message about sustainability.

Festival goers to Salford’s “We Invented the Weekend” – a celebration of leisure time, free time, quality time and me-time (15th -16th June 2024) were the first to view a bold creation called the ‘Tech Book Dress’, made entirely from Wrapmaster®’s Compostable Cling Film. The dress is a result of a knowledge exchange collaboration with Salford Business School, crocheted by Dr Adnan Bayyat, an acclaimed garment designer and academic.

Made from biodegradable and compostable polymers, the film is PLA-free, meaning it’s not made from any food crop sources, as well as being free from Plasticizer, Phthalates and PVC. Using the latest technological advancements, it was developed as an alternative solution to support chefs and foodservice operators on their sustainability and recycling journeys.

This innovative compostable film is part of Wrapmaster®, and brand owner Cofresco Foodservice’s sustainability mission. Wrapmaster®’s Compostable Cling Film can be disposed of in a food waste composter with organic materials, composted in a home composting environment, or be collected for industrial composting.

Mike Lewis, Marketing Manager at Cofresco Foodservice comments:

“We were thrilled to collaborate with Salford Business School on this innovative and sustainability-minded project. Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film being chosen for such a creative and impactful project is an honour and a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. This project not only showcases the potential of our products but also highlights the innovative spirit of Salford Business School. We are proud to support an initiative that combines technology, education, and sustainability in such a unique way, and we look forward to seeing the dress at the festival!”

The dress has been designed specifically for the festival, with thousands of people expected to visit MediaCity, Manchester for the two-day event. It will remain on display in the business school as an interactive information portal. The dress features integrated iPads and QR codes, front and back, highlighting Salford Business School’s cutting-edge research on sustainability and various other critical topics. The gamification of this research enables visitors to access and engage in learning through puzzles, stories, videos and explainers. This content has been developed by Dr. Gordon Fletcher and Saomai Vu Khan, with the assistance of advanced AI technology, ensuring a rich and educational experience for all.

Commenting on the design itself, Adnan, said:

“This is a really exciting form of public engagement for the school that is part-knowledge exchange, part public relations. The concept of the dress comes from my theory of ‘wearable PR’, which is the idea that businesses and brands all over the world have always used the body as a canvas to promote ideas.”

Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film is part of a collection of alternative foodservice wraps designed to help chefs and back of house operations in their sustainability goals. Also part of the range is Wrapmaster® Recyclable PE Cling Film, Wrapmaster® Compostable Baking Parchment and Flexsil-Lid™, a range of silicone lids for professional kitchens.


*TUV Austria Certified. Do not dispose of Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film in plastic recycling facilities