Dispensing Systems for Film, Foil and Baking Parchment

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Where have you been all my life? Chef Klaus Mandl Tests Wrapmaster

2nd September 2020

With over 40 years’ experience as a professional chef and foodservice consultant, Chicago based, Chef Klaus Mandl knows his stuff. He is committed to helping restaurant owners and chefs get the most out of their business, including researching and testing professional kitchen equipment. Making sure products deliver against their claims is his speciality. This time it was Wrapmaster’s turn to be put through its paces by Klaus. Tested intensively over …

What Consumers and Chefs Want?

13th August 2020

New research reveals 74% of consumers say hygiene is the most important consideration when eating out As the hospitality industry opens its doors, new research from Wrapmaster has delved into what consumers think when it comes to eating out in the ‘new normal’. With a growing focus on food safety standards, three out of four consumers (74%) now say hygiene is the most important consideration when eating out – taking …

The Cleaning Collective Recommends Wrapmaster

28th January 2020

Review of the Wrapmaster 4500 Dispenser The Wrapmaster 4500 is a 45cm catering dispenser used for storing and cutting cling film, parchment paper and catering foil. The Wrapmaster range includes a few different options: Wrapmaster 3000, which is a smaller 30cm model, Wrapmaster Duo – designed to dispense two materials simultaneously and Wrapmaster Compact which is for kitchens with limited space. Wrapmaster also supply the specific refills of cling film, …

Cling Film Wrap - Wrapmaster Brings Innovation to Igeho (Hall1, B146)

Wrapmaster Brings Innovation to Igeho (Hall1, B146)

24th October 2019

Wrapmaster – the world’s most innovative dispensing system – is exhibiting at Igeho for the very first time.

Aluminium Foil Dispenser - Wrapmaster Shows Support for Young Chefs

Wrapmaster Shows Support for Young Chefs

17th October 2019

Cofresco Foodservice – maker of the award-winning Wrapmaster® range – is extending its commitment to young chefs by once again sponsoring the British Culinary Federation (BCF) Young Chef of the Year 2019. Giving chefs under 23 years of age a platform to showcase their talent, the BCF junior contest is designed to help those starting a cooking career achieve culinary excellence. With the chance to win the prestigious David Bache …