Dispensing Systems for Film, Foil and Baking Parchment

Flexsil-Lid by Wrapmaster

A range of reusable food-grade silicone lids that fit most international sizes of gastronorm trays and steam pans, including stainless steel, plastic, polycarbonate, melamine and ceramic used in professional kitchens.

Flexsil-Lid by Wrapmaster is an environmentally friendly, time-saving option for day-to-day preparation in professional kitchens. The National Sanitation Foundation certified silicone lids have a unique lip-lock design that lock in freshness and reduce food waste with an airtight seal. Flexsil-Lid by Wrapmaster silicone grastronorm lids are highly flexible, durable and reusable multiple times.

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Wrapmaster catering dispensers offer the professional kitchen a number of benefits. Click on any of the videos here to see how Wrapmaster can help you.