Dispensing Systems for Film, Foil and Baking Parchment

Compostable Cling Film

A general-purpose compostable cling film for covering and wrapping all food types, including those with a high fat content. Made from biodegradable and compostable polymers which break down in composting environments, Wrapmaster compostable cling film can help support chefs with their sustainable journey and withstand the demands of any professional kitchen.

The benefits of Compostable Cling Film:

  • Reduces food waste, protects food and preserves flavour
  • Fridge and freezer safe
  • Biodegradable in Home or Industrial composting environments
  • Certified OK compost HOME (S2645) and OK compost INDUSTRIAL (S2645) by TÜV AUSTRIA
  • Can be disposed of in a food waste composter with food and other organic materials, composted in a home composting environment or collected for industrial composting
  • PLA, Plasticizer, BPA, Phthalate and PVC free

Please check your local facilities regarding the disposal of compostable materials. Cannot be disposed of in plastic recycling facilities or used in a microwave oven


Compatible Wrapmaster® Dispensers and Compostable Cling Film Product Codes:

4500 and Duo

18C70 – 45cm x 200m x 6

Consumer Unit: 1 refill carton: 45cm x 200m

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