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Wrapmaster® Joins the Grits & Eggs Breakfast Community

In Atlanta, there is a new breakfast community growing, founded by Harlem born, entrepreneur and philanthropist Michael Glover, Joseph Ogbogu, Anthony Omoyele and award-winning Executive Chef, Rasul York. Grits & Eggs Breakfast Kitchen opened in November 2021and through word of mouth, the casual-dining restaurant has quickly become the hot ticket for those wanting to experience honest, high-quality food made with love.

Today, the business partners are planning four more restaurant openings across the city in quick succession – all to keep up with demand for the kitchen’s now famous grits*. As part of the expansion, Wrapmaster® ultimate chef wrap systems are being rolled out across all sites to help keep operations running efficiently and safely.

With 42 years in the food business, Michael Glover knows a thing or two about managing restaurants. Rasul York brings with him twenty years of certified executive chef experience, as well as being a Chef Lecturer in Culinary Arts at the Corden Bleu Cookery School. Together, with General Manager Michele Mollon, the dream team are committed to creating a unique dining experience that appeals to all and supports their community.

Michael explains:

“We are not a brunch restaurant. We are a breakfast restaurant that’s creating a real niche within the market.

“[Grits] is an ambiance, a vibe” Chef Rasul adds. “The food is untraditional and unorthodox because I want to give you something different to what you normally get.”

And it is Chef Rasul’s cooking which is making Grits & Eggs a social media sensation with diners queuing for up to three hours for a table at the weekend.

The restaurants source fresh and local, and everything is made from scratch. Diners can sample Rasul’s famous hand fried Chicken & Honey-Biscuit Sandwich, or award-winning Fried Catfish & Grits from the authentic all-day dining menu.

This commitment to scratch-made dishes means the Grits & Eggs team starts prepping the fresh ingredients at 5am every morning. After seeing a Wrapmaster® demo, Rasul replaced the old cardboard cutter boxes being used with a mix of dispensers front and back-of-house.

“We have the Wrapmaster® 3000 for the bar, the 4500 is good when there’s a lot of prepping, and I use the Duo when I’m doing a lot of oven work and lining trays.”

Michael adds;

“We get our chefs and our kitchen the best tools necessary to be successful in this business. That’s why Wrapmaster® comes into it. You have a piece of equipment that preserves product, helps us save costs and supports the sanitation process of the business.”

It is Wrapmaster’s ability to enhance safety standards that Rasul values most;

“You can put it in the dishwasher and that’s something you can’t do with a cardboard box. I can load it back up and I’m back to work again. I can spill on the plastic. I can wipe it off, sanitize it, and I’m back to work again. The only thing you could do with cardboard box is put in in the garbage.”

With four new Grits & Eggs Breakfast Kitchens opening, the team are committed to building a second chance initiative for homeless people or prisoners who want to get their lives back on track.

“This is something that we look forward to doing” confides Rasul “to be able to bring that to our community is special to us because we’re able to help people.

Wrapmaster® is very proud to be part of the journey, as the Grits & Eggs breakfast community grows.

Michael explains;

“Wrapmaster® will be in all of these locations. We stand behind it 100% when it comes to having a piece of equipment that’s going to contribute to our success.”
Rasul adds, “Wrapmaster® benefits the restaurant all the way. You really save a lot of money. Every time you see Grits & Eggs, you’ll see Wrapmaster®.”

* grits are a popular dish in the American South, made from crushed or ground corn similar to porridge.

Wrapmaster® is one of the best things that’s been brought to me. Somebody always cuts a finger because of the metal on the side of the [cutter] box, or you’ve got to tie the box because it gets damaged. Wrapmaster® speeds up my process, and I’m saving 15-20% on the wrap that I use because I’m not wasting as much.”

Executive Chef Rasul York