Dispensing Systems for Film, Foil and Baking Parchment

Transparency in Supply Chains Statement

Melitta UK Ltd. is a leading supplier of both branded and private label household and professional catering products. Supplying aluminium foil, cling film, baking paper, food bags and coffee machines across the retail, catering, and hospitality sectors, Melitta UK Ltd. is the company behind the following brands: Bacofoil, Melittta, Wrapmaster and Caterwrap.

Melitta UK Ltd. employs around 300 staff and operates from a world-class manufacturing and warehousing facility in Telford, UK.

We take our moral and legal responsibilities towards our employees and those within our supply chain seriously. We are committed to complying with the requirements of the Human Slavery Act 2015 and to implementing measures to reduce the risk of human slavery and trafficking. We are a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX), and EcoVadis, which allow our customers to view our labour standards information.

As an employer we take a number of steps to ensure that all employees have the legal right to work within the UK. As part of our employment procedure, we have processes in place to check the authenticity of documentation provided and we also regularly monitor the immigration status of our employees and proactively act when visa expiry approaches. Our relevant HR processes have been reviewed and updated in this area in 2021.

Most of our supply base is from within the EU. However, we do use several non-EU companies. We have a risk assessment process in place for all suppliers, both new and those with an on-going relationship with us. Dependant on the level of risk identified, risk reduction actions will be carried out.

Where appropriate, based on our risk assessment rating, we ensure that our suppliers are aware of our Ethical Trading Policy and have completed an Ethical questionnaire. These questionnaires are analysed on return and actions taken as necessary.

During the year, work has begun on implementing the Integrity Next system to monitor our supply chain, taking on the risk assessment information gathering functions above.

An independent audit company completed ethical audits on 2 of our major suppliers on our behalf, and our own personnel visited four of our suppliers during the year.

This area of the business will be monitored and reviewed at least annually, with this statement updated accordingly.

Accepted by Board at Board Meeting, 2nd February 2023.