Dispensing Systems for Film, Foil and Baking Parchment

Wrapmaster Case Studies

Wrapmaster® Joins the Grits & Eggs Breakfast Community

In Atlanta, there is a new breakfast community growing, founded by Harlem born, entrepreneur and philanthropist Michael Glover, Joseph Ogbogu, Anthony Omoyele and award-winning Executive Chef, Rasul York. Grits & Eggs Breakfast Kitchen opened in November 2021and through word of mouth, the casual-dining restaurant has quickly become the hot ticket for those wanting to experience honest, high-quality food made with love.

Wrapmaster® is one of the best things that’s been brought to me. Somebody always cuts a finger because of the metal on the side of the [cutter] box, or you’ve got to tie the box because it gets damaged. Wrapmaster® speeds up my process, and I’m saving 15-20% on the wrap that I use because I’m not wasting as much.”

Executive Chef Rasul York

Wrapmaster® Hits a Hole in One With Savannah Lakes Village

Hidden in McCormick’s South Carolina countryside is Savannah Lakes Village. A recreational community of 500 homes and three championship golf courses that wrap around the stunning Lake Thurmond.

“Every chef’s worst nightmare is a loose roll of plastic wrap. They’re just unsanitary. For efficiency and hygiene Wrapmaster® is great. We can break it down, run it through the dishwasher to come out clean and sanitary, dry them off and reload them for service.”

Head Chef, Brandon Smith Savannah Lakes Village

Marta Cardenas Maestre trusts Albal Professional Wrapmaster

Albal Professional Wrapmaster® is proud to be a trusted partner of Chef Marta Maestre in Spain.

“Wrapmaster® provides me with a significant saving of 25%. It is very easy to use, you cut exactly what is needed.”

Marta Cardenas Maestre, Technical Director, Isabel Maestre de Catering

Wrapmaster Sustainable Collection Makes a splash at The Deep, Hull

With up to half a million visitors a year, The Deep is one of Hull’s leading educational tourist attractions and an international player in marine conservation. Chris Saddington, Food and Beverage Manager is part of a passionate team dedicated to promoting and conserving the world’s oceans and making the world-famous aquarium a top destination for visitors.

“Wrapmaster’s recyclable PE cling film is a dream for us. Being able to switch from a non-recyclable film to a recyclable film was a big step.”

Chris Saddington, Food and Beverage Manager

Wrapmaster Dispenser - Wrapmaster Launches in UAE

Wrapmaster Launches in UAE

As the first five-star hotel in Dubai, the Radisson Blu in Deira Creek is a respected name in the hotelier world. Responsible for feeding the venue’s 800 guests is Director of Kitchens, Uwe Micheel.  With over forty years in the industry, Chef Uwe has worked all over the globe including Germany, London, Bahrain and Japan, and for the last two decades has been President of the Emirates Culinary Guild (ECG).

“With a 25% cost saving it’s a product that should be in every kitchen, big or small”

President of the Emirates Culinary Guild, Uwe Micheel

Cling Film Cutter

Food Safety is as Easy as 1,2,3 for North Yorkshire County Council

As the largest county in England, North Yorkshire is home to 25 secondary schools and nearly 300 primary schools. Joanne Simpson, Area Manager for catering facilities at North Yorkshire County Council is part of a dedicated team responsible for serving over 40,000 meals a day.

“For me, Wrapmaster is safer, faster and cleaner. We’d like to introduce another dispenser into our primaries, where they will use foil and parchment. The feedback has been all very positive, Wrapmaster is clean, tidy and just looks better in the kitchen.”

Cling Wrap Dispenser

Wrapmaster gets Top Marks from Ormiston Horizon Academy

With over 1100 pupils to serve in just one hour, providing a top-quality catering offering at Ormiston Horizon Academy is no easy feat, but Director of Catering, John Whittle – or Chef Jon – is doing just that.

“I’ve always trusted Wrapmaster, it’s chef friendly and the EHO love it!”

Director of Catering John Whittle

Catering Cling Film Dispenser - Kitchen Foil Dispenser - Cling Film Holder

Wrapmaster La Redoute Case Study

Toppits Professional Wrapmaster has helped Chef Matthias Pietsch, of La Redoute and the Redüttchen in Bad Godesberg, improve hygiene & safety and reduce material usage.

“The Wrapmaster helps me a lot with cooking. It’s very useful for me and, most importantly, we save a lot on materials”

Professional Cling Film Dispenser - Wrapmaster Duo and Executive Chef Hayden Groves

Wrapmaster Duo and Executive Chef Hayden Groves

See how the Wrapmaster Duo helps Executive Chef Hayden Groves, National Chef of The Year 2013, maintain quality, efficiency and food hygiene standards in his professional kitchen.

“The Wrapmaster Duo you could sum up in one sentence like me – clean, efficient and tidy.”

Tin Foil Dispenser - Wrapmaster 3000 and Waters Restaurant Case Study Video

Wrapmaster 3000 and Waters Restaurant Case Study Video

Andy Waters, one the UK’s respected Great British Chefs, trials the Wrapmaster 3000 dispenser. Watch the video to find out how Wrapmaster makes a chef’s life easier, is cost effective, good for the environment and safer for the team.

“The Wrapmaster 3000, it’s just efficient. It’s more cost effective.”

Foil and Cling Film Dispenser - Cling Film Wrap - Viva le Wrapmaster!

Vive le Wrapmaster!

Jean François Fafournoux is a leading Michelin chef, President of the Toques d’Auvergne and Chef Patron of Restaurant Les Chenes, a renowned French restaurant and celebrity favourite, which has been in the family for three generations.

“I discovered Wrapmaster at an industry exhibition, and I was impressed with the product right away because for a kitchen, it was simply the best”

Cling Wrap Dispenser - Cling Film Dispenser - Wrapmaster® and Anglo German Club case study video

Wrapmaster and Anglo German Club Case Study Video

Niels Vietheer is the Head Chef at the Anglo German Club in Hamburg and responsible for delivering fine dining food to high profile guests which have included the British royal family.

“Since using Wrapmaster, we’ve used on average 30% less cling film, and 20% less foil.”

Kitchen Foil Dispenser - Catering Foil - Wrapmaster® and Food Innovation Solutions Case Study Video

Wrapmaster and Food Innovation Solutions Case Study Video

Dan Booth, Lead Development Chef, at Food Innovation Solutions and his team develop food and beverage innovation solutions across a number of sectors within the Foodservice industry.

“Two reasons why I recommend the 4500 is, 1) so you never have to use a cardboard cutter box again and 2) because it’s going to save you so much time.”

Catering Cling Film Dispenser - Catering Dispenser - Wrapmaster ISS Facility Services Case Study Video

Wrapmaster and ISS Facility Services Case Study Video

Life on a university campus isn’t just about the studying, there’s also the all-important matter of staying adequately fed and hydrated. At a university in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, this is the job of Sue General Catering Manager for ISS Food & Hospitality.

“We did a three-week trial, measuring how much we’d used with Wrapmaster. Over those three weeks we had saved 20% on cling film, 25% on foil and 25% on parchment.”