Dispensing Systems for Film, Foil and Baking Parchment

Wrapmaster® Refills

The award-winning range of Wrapmaster® professional dispensers have a patented lock system that only work with genuine Wrapmaster® refill rolls, ensuring professional chefs use the best quality products for their kitchen. Designed to maximise efficiency, our kitchen dispensers save time and money through improved productivity and a reduction in kitchen waste. Say no more to damaged and dangerous cardboard kitchen cutter boxes with needless waste of kitchen wrap and usage frustrations, and embrace Wrapmaster®. Tried and tested, Wrapmaster® refill rolls are the market-leading premium quality food wrap available to professional chefs.

View the wide range of Wrapmaster® refill rolls and their available sizes below.

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31C81 – 45cm x 300m x 3

Cling Film (PVC)

Wrapmaster® premium foodservice PVC cling film with high cling, stretch and strength.

18C68 – 45cm x 300m x 3

Recyclable Cling Film (PE)

Wrapmaster® recyclable PE cling film is suitable for covering and wrapping all food types.

18C70 – 45cm x 200m x 6

Compostable Cling Film

Wrapmaster® compostable cling film is a durable alternative that can wrap and cover all food types.

Aluminium Foil

Premium foodservice aluminium foil from Wrapmaster® is perfect for the demands of any professional kitchen.

21C32 – 45cm x 50m x 3

Baking Parchment

Non-stick foodservice baking parchment from Wrapmaster® is the perfect choice for every baking need.

21C10 – 45cm x 50m x 3

Greaseproof Paper

Wrapmaster® greaseproof paper is perfect for wrapping and baking.

31C10 – 45cm x 50m x 3

Roasting Film

Wrapmaster® roasting film is designed to endure high temperatures and can be used as a roasting bag, or to cook delicate foods.