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Small and Mighty – Cofresco Foodservice Reveals Wrapmaster 3000

19th June 2018

Cofresco Foodservice is expanding its award-winning range of Wrapmaster dispensers, with the launch of the new Wrapmaster 3000.

Designed for small, busy kitchens who want all the benefits of a large professional dispensing kit; the new Wrapmaster 3000 is just 30cm wide and developed for high volume users of film, foil, as well as baking parchment.

The Wrapmaster 3000 is the latest catering dispenser to be updated as part of Cofresco Foodservice’s ongoing commitment to chefs. 17% lighter and 28% smaller than its predecessor, it is now more portable and even easier to use and reload to meet the demands of a tough kitchen environment.

Talking about the latest launch Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Cofresco Foodservice said:

“Within a number of Foodservice sectors, chefs and caterers are regularly servicing a high level of consumers in a limited space. We were asked to create a dispenser that can meet these high volume needs, with as small a footprint as possible and the new Wrapmaster 3000 does just this. It’s everything that has made Wrapmaster the number one brand in foodservice but smaller, lighter and better in every way.”

Available from June 2018, the Wrapmaster 3000 offers quick and effortless dispensing to support a productive kitchen, its new patented lock and key mechanism makes it even easier to refill – working only with genuine Wrapmaster rolls – as well as delivering a 25% cost saving.

Adrian adds:

“Every dispenser is rigorously tried and tested by chefs before it’s launched – and the Wrapmaster 3000 is no different. In a three-week restaurant trial, it used 20% less cling film, 25% less foil and 25% less parchment compared to a cardboard cutter box. Less tangles means less waste and as a result is far better for budgets too – it may be small but it will have a big impact on kitchens. ”

Built with health and safety in mind, the Wrapmaster 3000 has a concealed blade for safe, speedy cutting and is robust and shatter resistant. Recommended by food safety practitioners, it’s also easy to wipe clean during service, and can be easily disinfected in a commercial dishwasher to minimise cross-contamination, as well as help keep kitchens hygienic.

Wrapmaster is part of Cofresco Foodservice, a division of Melitta UK Ltd. The award-winning range includes the new Wrapmaster 3000, Wrapmaster 4500, the Wrapmaster Duo which dispenses two types of material, or can be used for large volume users of one material and the Wrapmaster Compact, which is designed for kitchens with very limited space or mobile food operations.