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Wrapmaster® Revealed to be the Ultimate Chef Wrap System in independent Survey

Wrapmaster® Revealed to be the Ultimate Chef Wrap System in independent Survey

10th October 2022

Hygiene, waste reduction and safety are the key things chefs want from their equipment.

72% of chefs have injured themselves on a cardboard cutter box.

With cling film considered an essential piece of kit by eight out of ten chefs^, an independent survey* has delved into the usage habits of 100 professional chefs and caterers when it comes to prepping and wrapping food in the kitchen.

The survey of Craft Guild of Chefs and British Culinary Federation members revealed that over three quarters of chefs (76%) use Wrapmaster® in their kitchen. Of the 24% that don’t, chefs opted for cardboard cutter boxes (48%) or loose rolls (39%).

When asked why, the top three most important reasons for using a Wrapmaster® dispenser were the hygiene benefits (97%) with chefs stating it helped them maintain a hygienic kitchen when prepping and cooking food*. Followed by a noticeable reduction in waste and food wrap usage (96%) and finally improving safety in the kitchen (88%).

Talking about the results, Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Cofresco Foodservice said:

“Wrapmaster® has been trusted by professional chefs for over 25 years, our systems are developed for chefs and the demands of the kitchen. To have this feedback means a great deal to our team and cements why so many chefs love Wrapmaster®, and why we are the ultimate chef wrap system.”

The survey also revealed that a staggering seven out of ten chefs (72%) have suffered an injury due to using a cardboard cutter box.

Adrian continues;
“We weren’t surprised that three quarters of chefs have suffered a hand injury due to cardboard cutter boxes. When the pressure is on, your focus is on your food. What has surprised us is that despite these injuries and trips to A&E, one in four chefs continue to use cutter boxes. There is a very real need to work quickly and with an efficiency that 97% of chefs think Wrapmaster® provides*. Having these cutter boxes in the kitchen is a serious and widespread safety issue that operators need to tackle, with the help of Wrapmaster®. “

Endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs and recommended by food safety professionals, Wrapmaster® dispensers can be sanitised and disinfected in a commercial dishwasher to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The tough casing also means that cling film, foil and baking parchment is always protected from spills and dirt. The patented concealed blade in the dispenser guarantees hands are always safe for speedy cutting. Chefs love how easy it is to use too with a simple pull and cut motion – ideal during a busy service.

The Wrapmaster® range includes the Wrapmaster® 3000, Wrapmaster® 4500, and Wrapmaster® Duo which dispenses two types of material or can be used for large volume users of one material, as well as the Wrapmaster Compact®.

^Independent Toluna panel, July 2020
* Independent Chef Survey, 101 participants, July 2021