Dispensing Systems for Film, Foil and Baking Parchment

Wrapmaster® Backs German Chef’s Association (VKD)

20th November 2023

Cofresco Foodservice, maker of the award-winning Wrapmaster® range, is proud to announce their support of the German Chef’s Association, Verband der Köche Deutschland (VKD), at the 2024 IKA/Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Culinary Olympics is the world’s largest international exhibition for culinary skills. Chefs from across the world will compete for medals over the four days of competition, running from the 2nd -6th February 2024, with the final award ceremony due to be held on Wednesday 7th February 2024.

Speaking about the support Radek Chrusciany, European Foodservice Sales Director, Cofresco Foodservice said:

“Here at Wrapmaster® and Cofresco Foodservice, we are big supporters of culinary competitions for chefs at every level of their career, as we know how much they benefit from these experiences and the networking opportunity that they provide. We’re excited to have another year of backing some exceptional culinary talent at this prestigious event.”

This latest commitment is part of the company’s pledge to support chefs across the world at every level. From when students first embark on a career in food, to those chefs who compete on a global stage.

Radek continues:

“Wrapmaster® is proud to have been trusted by chefs for over forty years. Sponsoring the German National team will allow us to extend this support beyond the professional kitchen to those chefs cooking on the ultimate stage – the World Culinary Olympics.”

Wrapmaster® will be providing the team of the VKD with Toppits Professional Wrapmaster® 4500 dispensers, and rolls of cling-film, aluminium foil and baking parchment for use during their practice sessions, and at the Olympics itself. The ultimate chef wrap system has been designed to efficiently cut wrap in one speedy motion, as well as being easily sanitised to avoid cross contamination. Competitors will be given an edge by saving valuable time, as well as maintain the highest of hygiene practices and waste reduction during the competition.

Radek adds:

“Our dispensers also offer chefs an opportunity to be more sustainable in the kitchen, by helping them to cut down on food wrap wastage by up to 25%, and subsequently cut costs, by as much as 20%*.”

Wrapmaster® is a brand of Cofresco Foodservice- a division of Melitta UK Ltd. The award-winning range includes the Wrapmaster® 4500, Wrapmaster® 3000, Wrapmaster® Compact and the Wrapmaster® Duo, which dispenses two types of material, or can be used for large volume users.

*Restaurant 3 week trial. 20% less cling film, 25% less foil and 25% less baking parchment vs cardboard cutter box.