Dispensing Systems for Film, Foil and Baking Parchment

Discover the award-winning Ultimate Chef Wrap System at Dot Innovations – Booth 2324

27th February 2024

Wrapmaster® is excited to showcase its ultimate chef wrap system at the Dot Innovations Trade Show in Denver, Colorado (April 22nd – April 24th).

Wrapmaster® can do it all – save time, money, improve hygiene and reduce waste! Visitors are encouraged to stop by Booth 2324 to discover how the original and multi award-winning system can help professional kitchens waste less and save more, with a proven 20% material saving.*

Eight out of ten chefs consider plastic wrap an essential piece of equipment in the kitchen** and with foodservice businesses working hard to reduce their impact on the environment, Wrapmaster® is the simple switch, a win-win for the planet and businesses. In fact, 97% of Wrapmaster® users have reported the system has helped them reduce food wrap use, helping to save money and make a positive step in their sustainability journeys.^

Speaking on Wrapmaster®’s attendance, Mike Nelson, Sales Director, North America said:

“We’re excited to be heading to Denver for the Dot Innovations Show. It’s a must-attend event for us and a fantastic opportunity to show suppliers and foodservice operators why Wrapmaster® is the ultimate chef wrap system. We are proud to have built up a trusted, global chef following over the last 40 years and look forward to sharing how we can help chefs waste less and save more – both in time and material savings this year.”

The benefits don’t stop there! Wrapmaster® dispensers can be easily sanitized during a busy service and are dishwasher safe making them the ideal piece of equipment in professional kitchens to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Its lockable lid also means that wrap is protected from spills and dirt, and it is for these reasons that 97% of Wrapmaster® users said the dispensers helped them maintain a hygienic kitchen. 72% of chefs have injured themselves on cardboard cutter boxes or loose roll ^ With Wrapmaster®, this doesn’t have to be the case. The patented concealed blade allows users to cut wrap efficiently with a quick pull and cut motion and protects fingers and hands from injury.

Wrapmaster® is a brand of Cofresco Foodservice – a division of Melitta. The award-winning Wrapmaster® range includes the Wrapmaster® 3000, Wrapmaster® 4500, and Wrapmaster® Duo which dispenses two types of material or can be used for large volume users of one material.

Visitors to Dot Innovations are encouraged to stop by Booth 2324 and discover the Wrapmaster®, the Ultimate Chef Wrap System in Denver, April 22nd – April 24th.

*Source: Restaurant 3 week trial. 20% less cling film, 25% less foil and 25% less baking parchment vs cardboard cutter box.
**Independent Toluna panel, July 2020
^Independent Chef Survey, 101 participants, July 2021