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Waste Less, Save More: Wrapmaster® Empowers Chefs to Reduce Kitchen Waste and Cut Costs

3rd July 2023

Wrapmaster® – the ultimate chef wrap system – is calling on chefs and operators to act now on food waste and embed cost-saving habits as hospitality moves towards a sustainable future.

The US government has committed to cutting food waste from landfill through the United States’ 2030 Food Loss and Waste Reduction Goal, where business owners (including hospitality) are being asked to pledge to reduce their food waste by 50%.

With early planning, Wrapmaster®’s innovative food wrap system offers an effective solution to help chefs and foodservice operators start tackling the reduction goal before stricter compliances are potentially introduced in the future.

The United Kingdom has already tightened its laws on food waste. By 2030, foodservice sites will no longer be able to send their food waste to landfill or incineration and are set to experience additional costs in the process. Making the US Pledge an opportunity for forward-thinking operators to get ahead in the sustainable game.

Those USA chefs and operators who want to join the national effort can take the first step with Wrapmaster® – the ultimate chef wrap system. The award-winning dispenser has built a trusted global chef following thanks to its ability to reduce food wrap usage and costs, as well as minimizing food waste by protecting and preserving valuable ingredients far better and more cost effectively than traditional cutter boxes and loose rolls. So much so, that when asked, 97% of chefs confirmed that Wrapmaster® has helped them reduce their use of food wrap in the kitchen*.

Speaking about the challenges facing the foodservice industry, Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Cofresco Foodservice said:

“The future is sustainable, and operators need to adapt their practices when it comes to food waste and help the nation meet its Food Loss and Waste Reduction Goal. But it’s tough in the kitchen right now. Ingredient prices, energy bills, staff salaries and the subsequent menu price increase are all having an impact, but small changes back of house will help in the long run. We want to support chefs and operators wherever possible with a sustainable, cost-effective and practical approach to wrapping and protecting food.”

A staggering three in every four chefs use Wrapmaster® in professional kitchens, the system’s patented concealed blade delivers a far superior cutting performance than traditional cutter boxes and loose rolls, allowing the ultimate chef wrap system to typically reduce food wrap wastage and make a cost saving of 20%**.

Adrian Brown adds;

“As we work towards a collective goal to reduce food waste, Wrapmaster® serves as an essential tool for kitchens to waste less and save more. Designed with our 40 year chef-heritage, it is far better for the environment and, crucially for budgets. A sustainable and cost-effective approach to food waste is possible and with our innovative wrap system, chefs can be successful in their pledge.”

Endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs (one of the UK’s leading chef associations) and recommended by food safety professionals, Wrapmaster® can be sanitized and disinfected in a commercial dishwasher to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and keep food safe. The tough casing also means that plastic wrap, foil and baking parchment is always protected from spills and dirt. The patented concealed blade in the dispenser guarantees hands are always safe for speedy cutting.

The Wrapmaster® range includes the Wrapmaster® 3000, Wrapmaster® 4500, and Wrapmaster® Duo which dispenses two types of material or can be used for large volume users of one material.

Operators can enjoy the ultimate chef wrap system with Wrapmaster®’s range of professional wrap products including Foodservice Film, Foodservice Foil and Compostable Baking Parchment. All are available in a 12 inch format to use with the Wrapmaster® 3000 and 18 inches for use with the Wrapmaster® 4500 and Wrapmaster® Duo.

*Wrapmaster® Research, Independent Toluna Survey, 2021.
**Restaurant 3 week trial. 20% less cling film, 25% less foil and 25% less baking parchment vs cardboard cutter box.

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