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Wrapmaster® Joins the Grits & Eggs Breakfast Community in Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, there is a new breakfast community growing, founded by Harlem born, entrepreneur and philanthropist Michael Glover, Joseph Ogbogu, Anthony Omoyele and award-winning Executive Chef, Rasul York. Grits & Eggs Breakfast Kitchen opened in November 2021 and through word of mouth, the casual-dining restaurant has quickly become the hot ticket for those wanting to experience honest, high-quality food made with love.

The business partners are planning four more restaurant openings across the city in quick succession – all to keep up with demand for the kitchen’s now famous grits*. As part of the expansion, Wrapmaster ultimate chef wrap systems are being rolled out across all sites to help keep operations running efficiently and safely.

Watch our video to see how Wrapmaster has benefited the talented chef and front house teams at Grits & Eggs in Atalanta, Georgia

Interested in Wrapmaster? contact our U.S. team for a free Wrapmaster product demonstration or to discuss the potential of kitchen trials: customerserviceNA@cofresco.com


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