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Wrapmaster Recyclable PE Cling Film

Wrapmaster Recyclable* PE cling film is the easy way for conscious chefs and caterers to keep food fresh, reduce food waste and take a positive step in their sustainability journey – all in one simple swap!

Plasticiser, BPA, Phthalate and PVC free, Wrapmaster Recyclable* PE cling film can be used to wrap and cover all types of food and ingredients in the kitchen. Helping chefs and caterers to extend shelf life, reduce food waste and preserve that all-important quality and flavour.

With 50-80% of food waste in professional kitchens avoidable^, Wrapmaster’s Recyclable* PE Cling Film means chefs and caterers can keep using cling film in the kitchen, safe in the knowledge that it can be recycled after use, minimising their impact on the environment.

Available now, Wrapmaster’s PE Recyclable* Cling Film is an excellent general-purpose film for wrapping and covering all types of food and ingredients. Best of all, kitchens can get it for their favourite Wrapmaster dispensers – the Wrapmaster 3000, Wrapmaster 4500 and the Wrapmaster Duo!

Part of the Wrapmaster Sustainable Collection, the range also includes the award-winning Flexsil-Lid by Wrapmaster, re-usable silicone lids to cut back on food waste and 100% compostable baking parchment made from sustainable sources.

Wrapmaster PE Recyclable* Cling Film is available now. Contact our team for a product demonstration or further details.

*Please check your local facilities for PE Cling Film recycling options including major supermarkets.

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